Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Owl Hats

The first hats I made were the Owl Hats.  These are very popular with young girls and preteens.  I have made every color owl imaginable and have changed (improved) the pattern with every new one until I was finally satisfied with it. Here is one of the first Owl Hats I made:

 The smaller sizes I make so they can be tied under the chin.  I also add pom poms to the ties.  The bigger sizes are meant to have the ties hang down.. Those are braided.

As I continued to make the Owl hats I changed the eyes a bit.  Some of the latest ones have fur on top for the ears.

Here are two beautiful sisters who loved their new Owl Hats I made for them:

And of course my little Hat Model, Madison, in her hat.

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  1. How come there isn't a pic on here with me in my owl hat!?!?!